Open Source Science Data Repositories Workshop 2024

SMD Data Governance and Coordination

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When: Sept. 25 to 27, 2024.

Where: Virtual and in-person at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA.

Who: Open to anyone with an agenda focused on researchers, Big Data teams, and archivists at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Data Repositories along with missions and community members working in these areas.

Please join us on Sept. 25 to 27, 2024 for the NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) annual workshop on NASA Science Data Repositories. The workshop will be two and a half days.

The theme for this year’s workshop is “SMD Data Governance and Coordination.” Data governance guides data management by establishing policies and best practices for managing data, along with oversight of the implementation. For SMD, data governance will cross divisional boundaries to support a holistic view of data and to enable open and interdisciplinary science.

SMD data governance occurs at two levels: a “policy” level and a “(socio)technical” level. The policy level deals with SMD-wide requirements for things like preservation and retention requirements and adhering to SPD-41a and related policies. The technical level addresses the details of how repositories meet requirements – shared practices and lessons learned, technical approaches, etc. The workshop will introduce aspects of the policy level as interpreted by the Office of the Chief Science Data Officer, but the focus will be on the “technical” level and how repositories can coordinate across the divisions to ensure consistent data management processes and best practices that are aligned with SMD’s principles and policies. 

Discussion will include how repositories interpret the requirements of Desirable Characteristics of Federal Repositories and how that relates to other guidance such as FAIR, the CCSDS, and other aspects of SPD-41a. Specific topics include defining SMD-wide levels of service for data, shared approaches to handling the stewardship of research data and derived products, and the coordination of metadata management.

The workshop is hosted by IPAC at CalTech. The event space includes a large conference room for presentations and breakout/discussion rooms to accommodate planned activities. Each room will accommodate virtual attendance options for those who cannot attend in person.

This is an open meeting geared towards researchers, Big Data teams, and archivists at the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Data Repositories along with missions and community members working in these areas.

Key Objectives

  • Improve understanding of SMD-wide data governance policies and approaches.
  • Identify and develop common approaches for coordination of shared technical approaches across NASA science data repositories.
  • Identify areas of collaborative and integrated effort for adhering to the SMD-wide policy.
  • Identify best practices for the stewardship on non-mission data, defining levels of service, coordination of metadata, and other topics from the community.

Workshop Agenda

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Code of Conduct

This meeting will be held following the Transform to Open Science Code of Conduct.

NCTS Registration Instructions

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For information about the previous workshop held in 2023, see Open Source Science Data Repositories Workshop: FAIR for NASA Data.