Science Discovery Engine (SDE)

NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) is building an open science infrastructure to enable collaborative and interdisciplinary science. An important part of this infrastructure is the Science Discovery Engine (SDE), an integrated search tool that makes it easier than ever for science data users to find the resources they need for their work. 

Science Discovery Engine: Beta Version 

The beta version of the SDE was launched in December 2022. The SDE enables discovery of open data and information across the SMD’s five divisions: Astrophysics, Biological and Physical Sciences, Earth Science, Heliophysics, and Planetary Science.  

NASA’s science data spans 50 domain-specific repositories and many more mission-specific websites. With the SDE, users can perform free-text searches to quickly find what they need within this vast collection of science data, documentation, and code. The search results that the SDE presents may include links to datasets, models, images, videos, software, or data analysis tools. 

Following an initial search, users can refine the results by applying text-based facets to narrow down the SMD topical area, data repository, source name, and document type. The search can be further filtered by associated missions, instruments, or branches of science. 

The SDE makes NASA’s open science data, software, and information more discoverable and accessible to a wider audience. This openness fosters collaboration within and across disciplines, promotes interdisciplinary science, and encourages innovation. 

Access the Science Discovery Engine (Beta Version) 

Environmental Justice Data Search Interface: Beta Version 

NASA is committed to environmental justice — the meaningful involvement of everyone in shaping the environmental policies and regulations that affect their communities, regardless of their race, color, national origin, or income. 

In line with this commitment, the SDE team launched the beta version of the Environmental Justice Data Search Interface in April 2024. This new search portal powered by the SDE allows everyone interested in environmental causes to explore NASA resources related to environmental and climate justice. 

Users can search focus areas such as urban flooding, food availability, and climate change. The project promotes access to information that aids in tackling environmental challenges with science-based solutions for equitable decision-making. 

Access the Environmental Justice Data Search Interface (Beta Version) 

How to get involved 

The SDE is an iterative application, and its team welcomes feedback on both SDE content and search engine functionality. Do you have recommendations for other NASA content that should be included in the SDE? Are there additional features you would like to see in the search engine? If so, please contact us